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Showaddywaddy have been on tour since 1973, and have been on the road during 2017, with lots of gigs still to come before the year is out! The guys are playing sold-out shows up and down the land, and with gigs booked as far ahead as 2019, the band are as popular as ever!

Not only that, the band were declared as the hardest working band of 2016 for the second year running! Said Ents24: “This year's victors come in the form of 70s popsters Showaddywaddy, who hold the top spot for a second year with more listed shows in different venues than any other music artist in 2016.”

The band will entertain crowds at some of their old favourite venues where they played in the 1970s and 1980s, as well as new favourites such at the Holmfirth Picturedrome and Aberdeen’s Lemon Tree. Showaddywaddy will be in most places throughout the UK from Scotland to the south coast - check out the band’s gig dates here, and go along and find out why the band are getting rave reviews!

(Many thanks to Andrew Ball for the fantastic photo!)

Complete Singles Collection Box Set - Special Offer

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Showaddywaddy’s fantastic “Complete Singles Collection 1974 - 1987" box set is available, for a limited time only, from Demon’s ‘This Is Pop' online store, for the special price of £36.99

This extensive anthology features the band’s entire UK Singles catalogue, including the Million-Selling #1 single, ‘Under The Moon Of Love’, in this 89-track, 33CD box set.

The box set also includes TWO BONUS CDs; Showaddywaddy’s original ‘Greatest Hits’ (#4) and ‘Greatest Hits 1976-1978 (#1).

All CDs are packaged in replica mini-sleeves, which includes some of their international release artwork.

The 36-page booklet includes a 10,000 word liner note from expert Steve Thorpe and an introduction from the band’s Dave Bartram.

Ray Hatfield Joins Showaddywaddy

A big welcome to Ray Hatfield, who joins Showaddywaddy as lead guitarist, and who played his first gig with the band at Viva Blackpool on Friday 3rd February 2017.

Ray replaces Paul Dixon who has left the band, and played his last gig with the band at Whitley Bay Playhouse on Sat 28th January 2017. Paul had been in the band since 2008, initially on a temporary basis to fill in for Danny Willson, but then became a permanent member when Trevor Oakes left in 2009. Fans wish Paul all the best for the future!

Ray has previously played with Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash, as well as playing for many years in bands, duos and solo. He has also released two albums, in 2008 and 2013.

Feature now online! (Pic: Andrew Ball)

Showaddywaddy’s ‘Next Chapter’!

Exciting news for fans as brand new album released!

29th July 2016 saw the independent release of Showaddywaddy’s brand new, studio recorded album! ‘Next Chapter’ featuring 15 songs, and also including the first self-penned material for many years.
The album is available to buy at gigs, and also online via the Showaddywaddy Approved Merchandise Facebook Page. says, “This is the first studio album released by the band since 2008, an exceptional album that does the long-standing Showaddywaddy name proud. Old and new fans of the band will love the feel and energy of the songs, and of course it is great to hear the band’s own self-penned songs laid down in the studio. I was blown away when I heard the demo, and this will go down as one of the great Showaddywaddy, fitting in well alongside classic albums such as ‘Step Two’, ‘Crepes & Drapes’ and ‘The Sun Album’ - you won’t be disappointed!”

Track Listing:

1. Get A Job
2. A Shot of Rhythm And Blues
3. Why Do Fools Fall In Love
4. King Of The New York Streets
5. Reelin’, Rockin’ ’n’ Rollin’ *
6. Walking To My Baby
7. More Than I Can Bear *
8. (Lady’s Got a Hold On Me) *
9. You’re The One *
10. The House Is Rockin’
11. Nobody But Me
12. Wha’ Cha Gonna Do ‘Bout It
13. Cool Jerk
14. Dream I’m With You *
15. Sabre Dance

(* 5/8. Hewins; 7. Dixon; 9. Loach/Hewins; 14 Loach)


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1st October 1981 saw the release of Showaddywaddy’s “Good Times” LP on Bell Records, a label which had been revived after being dropped by owning company Arista in 1976. In fact Showaddywaddy’s 1976 number 1 hit “Under The Moon Of Love” was the last single to be released on Bell Records, until the label was briefly brought back for 1981.

The album itself was the first of the band’s album not to make the album charts, but is a strong album and as good as previous releases.

The album opens with “Multiplication”, a single which the band promoted on TV four times in the summer of ’81, including Razzmatazz and Cheggers Plays Pop, but crucially perhaps not on Top Of The Pops. It was released on 5th June 1981, four months before the album.

“Alley Oop” was an unusual choice for TV promotion in August 1981, as this was an album track not a single, and rather amusingly featured Malcolm dressing up as a gorilla and hitting members of the audience with a club (a rubber one of course!). The single release of “Multiplication” had been and gone by the time August came around, which may be why the band decided to do something a bit different, although they were probably specifically asked to play that track by the TV executives.

“Footsteps” and “Good Timing” were other singles released from the album, on 6th Nov 1981, and 19th Feb 1982 respectively, and it is perhaps not a surprise these singles didn’t do too well sales wise having being already available on the album. “Footsteps” was promoted on TV three times however (including Top Of The Pops), whereas “Good Timing” barely received any promotion at all (save for a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it mention on Tiswas).

“Weekend”, another album only track, was promoted on The Little And Large Show in 1985 in what turned out to be Malcolm Allured’s and Russ Field’s last TV appearances with the band. It was pleasing to see album’s title track “Good Times” featuring in the band’s live set in the early 2000s, and “Weekend” was also a regular in the band’s set at this time. Incidentally, “Weekend” was a fixture in the band’s set in their very early days in 1973-1975, but not recorded until 1981!

“I Don’t Like Rock ’n’ Roll No More” is one of the band’s classic songs and should have been a single, whereas “C’mon Everybody” is probably the weakest song on the LP.

All in all, despite it never making the album chart, this is one of the band’s classic albums, with the band featuring on TV a lot around the time of its release.

Rare Material on Soundcloud!

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It’s been a while since the last update, but a couple more rarities are now online on the page on Soundcloud dedicated to rare Showaddywaddy recordings. These rare tracks are shared for the enjoyment of Showaddywaddy's loyal fans. Any attempt to download and use the tracks anywhere else will hinder further uploads, so it is hoped the page will be used in the spirit it is intended. Enjoy!

Showaddywaddy - The Complete Singles Collection 1974 to 1987


Demon Music Group are thrilled to release the most comprehensive Showaddywaddy Singles box-set in the band’s 40+ year career (released 16th October 2015).

This extensive anthology feature’s the band’s entire UK singles catalogue, including the million-selling number 1 single ‘Under The Moon Of Love’ in this 89-track, 33 CD box set. The set also includes two bonus CDs, Showaddywaddy original ‘Greatest Hits’ album (#4 in 1976) and their number 1 album ‘Greatest Hits 1976 - 1978’, the only two of the band’s original albums not yet reissued in their original form.

All CDs are packaged in replica mini-sleeves which includes some of their international release artwork. Also featured is a 36-page booklet with liners notes from Steve Thorpe, and an introduction from Dave Bartram.

The box set is released under the Edsel label, cat no. SWWSNGBOX01 and can be order from...

Dave Bartram’s new book “All Mapped Out” - Release March 2015

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In a professional singing career spanning thirty-eight years Dave Bartram was the charismatic frontman and voice synonymous with the multi-million selling seventies and eighties' hit-makers Showaddywaddy.

An avid traveller, during that time Dave has visited all seventy cities of the United Kingdom (69 official and one crown dependency), each with its own tale to tell.

In his second outing as a writer, hot on the heels of the side-splitting The Boys of Summer, Dave recollects a potpourri of on-the-road anecdotes borne of frustration, hysteria and triumph, focusing to a large degree on the seemingly endless scrapes befalling a touring performer, most with hilarious consequences.

In an honest, no holds barred appraisal All Mapped Out transports the reader to every hidden nook and cranny within the British Isles, from Inverness to Truro and Hull to tiny St. Davids, demonstrating the strength of character, but above all sense of humour required to endure a lifetime in the topsy-turvy sphere of rock 'n' roll.

(All Mapped Out was exclusively available via the Fantom website from the 2nd March 2015.
Update 29th August 2015 - All Mapped Out is now available from Amazon!)

The Complete Studio Recordings 1973 - 1988

Showaddywaddy - Complete Studio Recordings
Showaddywaddy had more UK hits in the 1970s than any other act…including Abba…any act! From their winning appearance on an edition of ‘New Faces’, the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ of the day, to become runners-up in the series’ ‘All Winners Final’, it took just a matter of months until the band released and secured their debut hit, ‘Hey Rock And Roll’, which reached #2 in the UK Singles Chart.

This extensive 40th Anniversary anthology features the band’s entire 20th century catalogue of recorded material, including all of their original studio albums in mini-vinyl replica wallets, non-Album A and B sides, together with a selection of alternative mixes and unreleased rarities unearthed from the vaults, in this 139-track, 10CD box set.

The 36-page booklet includes a 7,000 word liner note from Showaddywaddy expert Steve Thorpe and an introduction from the band’s Dave Bartram.

The box set features the bands’ 23 UK hits, including the Million-Selling #1 single, ‘Under The Moon Of Love’.

For full details about this exciting release, check out the box set product page.